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Blogs as Multi-Layered References

Admittedly, the title of this blog entry sounds as dry as dust. But I really find it very exciting how blogs are able to bring these references clearly out to daylight which are usually more implicitly part of our cognitive process. I would just like to conduct this brief mental exercise to get my own act together: A few weeks back I gave an interview to Vikas Kumar from the Economic Times of India which I also mentioned in my blog here. In the meanwhile the very nicely written article in the newspaper was published offline and in parallel on the ET-website as “ceo@blogger”. Also one of my blog-pictures has been (with my fullest consent) published in the newspaper. Funnily, the article mentions:

Blogs are also the place to catch new trends as they happen or when they’re about to happen. Ideas and thoughts reach out faster to people, almost instantaneously – while I’m still in the process of writing this piece, a reference to my conversation with Seifert is already up on his blog.

So in that sense we do have already some sort of circular reference.

Yet, there is much more to it as one could find two more lateral references. One is about Arun Katiyar, CEO of SERaja, who finds a very broad mentioning in Viskas’ article. At the same time, I wrote also extensively after a meeting with Arun about the work of his company on my blog here. Somehow it seems to prove the funny saying of a friend in Bombay: “In India, we don’t have those famous six degrees of separation, but rather six degrees of overlap” :-)

And, as Holtzbrinck eLAB will be going live with its corporate blog in German language in the next week where I will be regularly working as a moderator, I have been announcing this in my blog here with respect to the great experience which I could gather from my own blog. In that sense, all the effects that Viskas described in his article about the benefits and challenges of a corporate blog will apply, too, of course with the obvious difference that I am not the CEO of eLAB.

Else? What has been driving me? Wanna know? Ok, I tell you: Oktoberfest (“Wies’n”) in Munich, olé, olé, olé. The by far best time of the year, not just in my hometown Munich, but actually in the entire world. So I have been going there quite regularly with my Bavarian Dress, the “Lederhosen” and making a tall friendship with a most welcome visitor from Japan. And, yo, I tell you, brodas and sistas: The Wies’n is for sure not dry as dust at all!


“Evidence” from Live-Blogging

Although I have decided to reduce the abundance of irrelevant posting displaying myself in a semi-narssistic manner, I found this particular situation funny. The purser in the plane saw my camera and asked if he should take a picture of me. I told him about my blog entry half an hour ago and he looked at it with surprise and then took the pic. The sun has set by now and we are ready for dinner. “Mahlzeit”!


Nomadic Digital Lifestyle: Working in 36,000 Feet

Just posting live in a sitation which might still appear someting extraordinary to many people. Somehow it also goes along the questions that I get often ask: „How do you handle this constant flying long-distances?“ My standard response is: „Easy. It’s either one night in the plane, or one working day in the plane.“ Today it is obviously the latter, we are presently on Lufthansa 754 at 36,000 feet overhead Pakistan, and the sun has just set as I could see it from my window:


It is really like a fully fledged working day, especially since internet has come on board a year ago. So it does not make any difference, if I am sitting in my office in Bangalore, in Munich or whereever. I guess it’s just the thought of that full flexibility that we need to get throroughly aware of. Admittedly, I might count to the typical „early adopter“ who drives not just the digital, but also the nomadic digital lifestyle to the max. But effectively, the technical tools for doing it that way are available at no or at very little cost.

Example: I even got a few Skype-chats today during the flight, I just declined to talk to someone who was calling me as a courtesy to other passengers. Hence, unfortunately, or rather intentionally, I am not „enjoying the inflght movies“ which are being shown. Instead I am working on some backlog of pending tasks, and if I want to watch a movie, I have a few on the harddrive of my PC to watch exactly the one I want and when I want. Admittedly, the risk of such a lifestyle – and do see it occuring in some instances – is that you get detached from the „here and now“ as your degrees of freedom determine your constructed reality, which in turn is independant of time and place. In the worst case it might turn your liberty into some kind of solipsistic prison. Wasn’t this called also the Blackberry-effect? :-)