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Off to Asia-Pac

It was good year with exciting opportunities that have materialized, meeting smart people and travelling as never before. Last weekend in Bangalore we celebrated the bachelor party of a good friend Christian Karner ("The Karneringer") where we rented a van with a brass band on the back. We drove 1.5 hours through Bangalolore to a go kart race track. Here a little video which I took:

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All of my so far few videos are here on my YouTube-Channel

Overall, it was also quite an intense year, with lots of work, though rewarding one. Although I do travel a lot in planes, also on long distances, whenever I take my seat, any tension seems to decompress in the blink of an eye and is overlaid by the exitement of the destination to arrive. Tonight it will be Munich-Frankfurt and then onwards to Singapore. The longest distance flight which Lufthansa covers in its network. After two nights in "my beloved Singapore " I will continue to Sydney for New Year and some travelling around in Australia's south-western part of New South Wales.  

Wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Shady Sales Practise from Netchina – continued

Ah, I got mail. Guess from whom? From the one and only. Mr. Mars from Planet Earth who purpotes to have read my blog-post. I just wonder if I am talking to a mental retard who simply doesn't get it. Here we are:


Hello Mr: 

I have already read your blog carefully,and I know your attitude.As the rule of intenational,the registration of domain name is open to the world. We are the legal organization to deal with these domain names with Chinese government.Please notice:We are the legal organization,and have the ability to register the Chinese domain names for you.I do not deny what you said do exists.And you have right to doubt and utter the saying.As the registrars, we are very busy in our work,and we have no time and right to dispute with our client.So we would not explain much.Most of our work is to imform and get the opinion.I just want to know whether you intend to use your priority to register your domain names.We have no relationship with anything else.Please reply us as soon as possible.Thank you. 
Best Regards,
Mars zhou 

Shady Sales Practise from Netchina

Sorry, for being so lazy with blogging lately. The bad news of it is that I had a couple of infrastructural problems which were unrelated, but in sum made work for a few days hell of slow. That situation improved so far. The good news is that the work as such is very exciting, with existing and new projects/ventures coming up.  In addition, I am currently preparing for an extended weekend in Bangalore for the stagnight of Christian, a good friend of mine. If we don't get arrested and land in jail for what we plan to do, I will be happy to share that experience.

What I found quite "interesting" these days was a new shape of "human spam". Similar to the Nigeria connection with the stone-old fraudulent request to wire some money as a preliminary funding for a multimillion transfer that is imminent. *Yawn* "Human spam" infers that the cost of labour and hence it's opportunity cost is close to zero so that these types of real human interactions pay off in spite of a very low conversion rate. On a similar line I got a personalized e-mail from Netchina, a domain registrar from China pertaining to my company domain 

A person named "Mars Zhou" ( adressed me in a very sly manner with


Dear CEO,
We are the domain name registration organization in China, which mainly deal with international company's in china. We have something important need to confirm with your company.
On the Dec6, 2007, we received an application formally. One company named "Jufeng Holdings Limited" wanted to register following
Domain names:

In the fist place you pay attention, write back politely and want to know what the issue is. Here comes the catch. Pretending to be a law-abiding player who has to follow a necessary legal procedures, the company tries to lure you into a conversation where at the end stands the recommendation to buy these domains yourself as there allegedly existed a prority for companies who had already registered under the brand name before. At this point my bells of suspicion stared to ring very loud. Needless to mention that if you google "Jufeng Holdings Limited", there is no such entity and looking closer into the subsequent mail from Netchina, it comes as a cheap, dirty and shady sales pitch under false pretext.


 I am willing to help you during the whole process. We will put every step of registration on file. Contacting you for a time, I have noticed that you are a responsible person. We are glad to assist you. As a domain registrar, I don't like to see the badman getting huge profits though domain squatting.


*Puke*  In the first place, I did not react, just deleted the e-mail. However, remember "low cost of labour and opportunity cost close to zero", Mars Zhou doesn't give up that fast. Today I got another mail saying


Dear Mr.

I am mars zhou,we always talk about the case of your company domain name recently,as aforesaid I told that the domain name registration is open to the world,we have no rights to interfere with other people to register .The auditing time is coming soon,have you  decided?We need to arrange the records  during the process of dealing with domain name registration ,all the files need to deliver to domain name disputed arbitration committee,we really want to help you ,but we haven't got any news from yu so far,it is  hard  for us to start our work,   if you need to use your registration priority ,we will send you the application form to help you finish the registration,I know your time is precious,and so do ours,we hope thatyou can take out some time,let us together  to deal with the case ,please  give me your exact replyat the first time  whenyou see the mail. 
Best Regards,
Mars zhou


Never mind the typos which I copied as they came. I felt the best response to this practise is to blog it. Will gladly submit the URL of this post to Mars Zhou who, together with his entire company, should indeed be shot to, well nomen est omen, Mars :-)