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10 Years Ahead: Vision from Innovative Market Research

Came along this very interesting observation from Delphi , an "innovative market researcher" from Germany who is looking today at society in 2017. The focus is Germany with a tangible bullet-point list on the various aspect of change, like my favourites

  • The retreating state prompts an enhanced self-responsibility of the individual for health, private pensions, continuous education, etc.
  • It is about "re-conquering" one’s own sovereignty about when and where to make a decision.
  • People start interpreting the gaps and blanks of the retreating state as their own creative spaces: empowerment instead of accepting deficits.
  • To reach their goal of a self-determined life, people form situational alliances: cooperation, dialogue and networking are the key principles people will live by.
  • The "New Social Responsibility" combines public spirit and self-interest in a win-win-situation.

Other countries in Europe, but also Russia and the United States are displayed here. Not too surprisingly, globalization gets perceived predominantly as a threat where the reaction ranges from patriotism to denial to retreat into the local community. Looking a bit at the comparison between Germany and the other countries, my old joke seems to get confirmed that fortunately Germany in its own shitty state maintains with France and Italy two other countries it can still look down to ;-)

Overall I picked those 5 bullet-points above as I feel they reflect pretty well my own values according to which I try to live in 2008. My disbelief in Vater Staat (=Father Goverment, as a German proverbs tend to say) is tremendously profound and although the strangulation by tax and even more tax, besides other intrusions, are not coming to an end, people with sufficient flexibility will make their own choices about where and how they want to live and follow the old valid principle "You better have a plan for yourself, before someone else has his plan for you".

Life is Beautiful

Oh Dear. It feels like ages since my last post which is not that wrong, that it was almost one month ago. I don't remember that I have been so inactive for such a long period of time. But anyway, the argument "no time" is too simplistic to be pulled out as I am a staunch advocate of the wisdom: "If you have too much to do, then simply do less."

I guess I could go on and on about what I did in the last four weeks. But in case someone asks "what happened?", I would have to respond francly "nothing unusual". It has been a very active, inspiring and beautiful time as I feel overall that life is great at the moment. To start with the small pleasures, I downloaded with iTunes the new Madonna album "Hard Candy" where she did it again, the by far sexiest 50-year old on the planet, particulary with her the songs "4 Minutes" and "Devil".

Sure, travelling was there as usual which is plenty and exciting. San Francisco (picture set) was a blast on the Web 2.0 Expo where I began to consider a relocation for a period of three months or so.

Golden Gate Bridge

I understand pretty well why the valley is such a hotbed for innovation on the web, and the fact that the smartest people are around, is just half the answer. The other half lies in the openness in approaching and talking to others, without any arrogance or judgement, and looking forward to a good conversation. I remember being at a party when a young guy started to talk to me in a very friendly way, when I got told that it had been Mark Mullenberg, the founder of WordPress, a blogging software with almost 60 mn users, one of them being me just typing this post into "his" application.

Then I happened to be in my Croatian home in Rovinj for the annual get-together with my best-best friends which I have known for more than 20 years since we went to school together. (Guido is missing on the pic; he's the photographer :-)

Ehrliche Kameraden in Motovun 3

It's over and over an overwhelming experience to feel this trust and bonding as we grow older together. Not to withhold that when we are together in this constellation over a few days, all efforts of our parents for good manners just start to fade and we behave like 15-year old idiots in puberty, like right in the time when we me for the first time.  And from the bottom of our hearts not a lot seems to have changed …

Rovinj's magic is able to capture everyone instantly; one day we chartered a Cessna 172 to inspect the scenario from above; here the overflight of the fisehmen's village with a little left turn above the peninsula.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Some more pictures from Rovinj, the flight, along with short video clips, are here on this Flickr-set. The next days to come will be rewarding, too. On Wednesday, I will be in Hamburg for an EO-party hosted by Thomas from Gimahot, Thursday with LH 754 from Frankfurt to Bangalore and 20 hours later for an extended weekend with my girlfriend to Bangkok, one of my most favourite cities.

Had to mention this fact with "my girlfriend" to avoid misinterpretation of my intentions there … ;-)