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Indian Consulate in Munich: Back to the Future

Just attended a colourful evening in the Indian Consulate in Munich where my own India story began. Back in 2003 when I had a dream and a business plan to move to India, it was exactly this Consulate General that provided me with the critical guidance. Information about the country, the regulatory environment, practical advise on company-establishment, apostille for foundation-documents and last but not least the visa. I felt already 6 years back that the consulate provided an outright proactive “service” to help me execute on my plan, far beyond the level of expectation.

Therefore, it was almost something like “back to the future” when I gratefully accepted the invitation to tonight’s function which was an initiative of the Consul General and Mohammad Rehan to bring together the Indian community in Munich. Community in the broadest sense of the word: Obviously Indians in Munich, but also Germans and other nationals from Munich who are dealing with India in the professional context. Anup Mudgal, the Consul General and host of the evening, expressed his confidence that no matter which results will turn out of the general election on Monday, India was firmly set to maintain its course of economic openness.

Mr. Mudgal put India in its historic context of century-old openness towards other cultures which I feel are indeed a coining tenet of even daily life on the subcontinent. Whenever India was geared to openness and freedom, it succeeded, Mr Mudgal said. India has indeed fostered long-standing relations with Europe, where Germany has been one of the most important trade partners in terms of trade volume and investment. Siemens for instance helped build the first telephone line between Kolkata and Europe.

All in all, a good opportunity to bring together the ties of globalization from the “other end” in Munich, which used to be my own starting point before I “changed the side”. Likewise, I met an Indian entrepreneur tonight who set up his company in Munich. It is touching to witness how in parallel to cherished local cultures, there is indeed more and more emerging something like an inclusive globalized culture in our world.

Italy-Trip: Stylish Milan – Picturesque Pavia

Milan is the undisputed style capital of Italy, as I could tell last night by going out for the typical Apertivo with Michele Casucci, a former colleague of mine from Lycos Europe and now successful entrepreneur of, among others, Certilogo. Going out to Noon, Aperitivo is a phenomenal invention where I wonder why it hasn’t spread (tipping point and stuff … ;-) all over the world. This is how it works: Basically you pay only for the drinks, like a Negroni for EUR 8, but with it comes the bar covered with all-you-can eat finger-food like cheese, sausages, olives, pizza-slices. Which basically replaces dinner in a very unassuming way. At least equally yummy comes just standing around and spotting the beauty of Italian women who especially in stylish Milan put a lot of emphasis on grooming themselves. Nothing to object about that either …

Today then, I drove down first to Lacchiarella to attend the first communion of my first goddaughter Linda, who has with almost 9 years grown to a gorgeous extremely well-mannered young lady. Lunch which spread almost up to dinner took place in Pavia, a stunning ancient town in Lombardy which is known for one of the oldest universities in Italy.

Old Town of Pavia

The day before yesterday, I twittered proudly that my weight for the first time after 4 years had come down to below 90 kg. After today’s eating-orgy in a delicious fish restaurant where there was no end to various antipasti, primo, secondo piatto and cake I feel like I must be again above – 100 kg … ;-)