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Video-Summary from “7 Dwarves to India”-Trip

This one is awesome, just released by the Schornsteiniger, a 4 minute-video which summarizes it all with our 7 days through India. This is really really super-creative and on a professional level. Enjoy, and don’t forget to switch on “HD” (high definition).

Funny to sick Videos from our 7 Dwarves India-Trip

Errr, I guess there was still something. It’s already one week back that the 7 dwarves finished their 7 days in South India with a memorable trip through Bangalore, Goa and Kerala. Here we are all together on the famous Wednesday flee market of Anjuna.

The 7 Dwarfs in Goa: Anjuna Flee Market

Who wants to have at all the pics, here we are, as usual I put them together on a Flickr-set. But as the tradition goes, when Dirk (“The Schornsteininger”) and I get together on the road, we produced also some new moving pictures. For one, some footage which I took back in January now found the day of light after Dirk put his magic on it with extremely neat production-technique. The “G Wave”, G for “Gay”. This one goes out to all the Indian men holding hand in the streets.

Then, fast reverse December 2008 in Dubai, the “Howard Seifendale” was born, with his first appearance “Räkling” (=lolling) in the lobby of the Raffles Dubai.

Now, the Seifendale 2009 is back. For the first time together with the Schornsteininger in front of the camera, and the “Räkling” gets more intense as ever before. Right there in the sand of Goa with leaving a legacy of sacred inscripts for the future generations to come.

I was never shy of making an idiot out of myself, but I believe even for my standards I hit a new high or low – however you like ;-)

The seven Dwarfs in India

OMG, I guess after this trip I am ready to write a novel. The seven dwarfs are on your through, India, yesterday another 4 arrived to Bangalore. Together with Dirk and me. We are 6. From left: Dirk Schornstein (“The Schornsteininger”), Marcus Tober (“The Toberinger”), René Seifert (“The Seifertinger”), Maks Giordano (“The Gioradaninger”), Tobias Oswald (“The Oswaldinger”) and Arnd Benninghoff (“The Benninghofferinger”). Here during our walk in Lalbagh Botanical Garden today afternoon:

Walking through Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Tomorrow in Goa, Stephan Roppel (“The Ropplinger”) is going to join us. Then, the dwarf-committee is complete. We have a week for of impressions ahead of us. Today we started out in Bangalore, tomorrow we are flying on to Goa (Anjuna area) and on Thursday down to Cochin (Kerala), spend two nights there before heading in a houseboat down the backwaters and terminate our trip on Sunday in Trivandrum.

I am saying I could write a novel, as each and every of us is quite a character. Just to highlight three of the story:

  • Protagonist A proclaimed that he prefers the U.S. “where I can pose in California and go to exclusive restaurants and hotels.”
  • Protagonist B is an open hypochordriac who is travelling with a pharmacy which would make the medical industry proud. He carries a special application with which he rinses his nose every morning with 1 litre of potable water and makes sounds like an elephant in the swimming pool.
  • Protagonist C always carries a pendulum: Every drink and every dish he gets served undergoes the scrutiny of his gear. If it goes in circles “it’s good for me”, if it goes back and forth “it’s not good for me”. Then he dismisses it.

I am not narrating this, to be very clear, to put myself by any means above any over them, especially as I am the worst nutcase of all. It’s rather to see how many different shades of deviations from some obscure concept of “normality” can emerge and we still can find an agreeable way to have a great time together.

No doubt, there won’t be single boring day in the week ahead.

Inauguration: Wipro Netbooks for Vatsalya – connected

We could only get here together. Today was with fullest honesty one of the happiest days of my life. When I started to conceive this project, I had a remote idea of how the picture of its accomplishment would look like. It would look like this.

Highlight: The Girls' first access to the Netbooks

All the pictures of the inauguration here on my Flickr-set. Today we solemnly celebrated in the traditional Indian way the inauguration of something new. This novelty felt like two well crafted pieces of a puzzle came together to form a harmonious whole. One the one side, the phenomenal preparation of the Vatsalya team with setting up the room, installing broadband internet connection and putting tables with chairs in place. From the other side the delivery and installation of the Wipro netbooks. Plug and play. And it just worked. Connected to the internet, connected to view through this window of the word. From Bangalore to anywhere. Therefore, to symbolize these limitless possibilities, I set Wikipedia in English as the home page on each of the 12 browsers.

Hand-Over of Netbooks: Vatsalya Orphanage

We started out in the afternoon with some more technical installation by Sumanth and Arvind. Thanks for taking time out and supporting us with your technology expertise.

Run-up to the Inauguration

It was a special pleasure for me to have my good friend Dirk Schornstein back in Bangalore, also one of the donors for the charity, who couldn’t resist the call from his first visit in December last year when the girls told him for good bye “Come back, Uncle!”. He kept his promise and brought a present which the girls had wished for: The entire collection of Harry Potter in the children’s edition.

Run-up to the Inauguration

Indians truly understand how to elevate such an event onto a spiritual level so that it is perceived and will be remembered as something special. The girls started to get more and more exited …

Run-up to the Inauguration

… when at 4.30 pm we cut the ribbon …

Cutting the Ribbon: Wipro Netbooks for Vatsalya

… and lit the holy light with offerings to the God Ganesha, prayers and chanting by the children.

Lighting the Fire: Inauguration

Then nothing could stop the girls, always in groups of 12, to sit down on the chair in front of the computers and put their little fingers for the first time in their lives onto the touchpads and see the pointer move on the screen in front of them. I will never forget their genuine joy and curiosity.

Highlight: The Girls' first access to the Netbooks

I am extremely happy to share these impressions with everybody who contributed to this project, dedicated money, time and moreover trust. In the hope not to forget anybody:

  • The 28 donors around the world who laid the indispensable financial ground.
  • The Vatsalya-team, my dear neighbour and almost sister Shashi as well as the entire board of the association who relentlessly pushed ahead from their side.
  • Wipro for the generous discount of the netbooks and its exemplary professionalism and reliability in each and every step of the process.
  • Petra (=”Petzi”) who did invaluable research work with project coordination along with her husband Jürgen.
  • And last, but not least, the 50 girls from the Vatsalya Children’s Home. Your yearning for a future provided me the momentum forward.

To all of you: This is your day. Thank you.