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The seven Dwarfs in India

OMG, I guess after this trip I am ready to write a novel. The seven dwarfs are on your through, India, yesterday another 4 arrived to Bangalore. Together with Dirk and me. We are 6. From left: Dirk Schornstein (“The Schornsteininger”), Marcus Tober (“The Toberinger”), René Seifert (“The Seifertinger”), Maks Giordano (“The Gioradaninger”), Tobias Oswald (“The Oswaldinger”) and Arnd Benninghoff (“The Benninghofferinger”). Here during our walk in Lalbagh Botanical Garden today afternoon:

Walking through Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Tomorrow in Goa, Stephan Roppel (“The Ropplinger”) is going to join us. Then, the dwarf-committee is complete. We have a week for of impressions ahead of us. Today we started out in Bangalore, tomorrow we are flying on to Goa (Anjuna area) and on Thursday down to Cochin (Kerala), spend two nights there before heading in a houseboat down the backwaters and terminate our trip on Sunday in Trivandrum.

I am saying I could write a novel, as each and every of us is quite a character. Just to highlight three of the story:

  • Protagonist A proclaimed that he prefers the U.S. “where I can pose in California and go to exclusive restaurants and hotels.”
  • Protagonist B is an open hypochordriac who is travelling with a pharmacy which would make the medical industry proud. He carries a special application with which he rinses his nose every morning with 1 litre of potable water and makes sounds like an elephant in the swimming pool.
  • Protagonist C always carries a pendulum: Every drink and every dish he gets served undergoes the scrutiny of his gear. If it goes in circles “it’s good for me”, if it goes back and forth “it’s not good for me”. Then he dismisses it.

I am not narrating this, to be very clear, to put myself by any means above any over them, especially as I am the worst nutcase of all. It’s rather to see how many different shades of deviations from some obscure concept of “normality” can emerge and we still can find an agreeable way to have a great time together.

No doubt, there won’t be single boring day in the week ahead.



  1. Daniel Oswald
    October 13th, 2009 | 12:10

    it´s nice and interesting too see my brother meanwhile his actuall holiday in india. Now I wish you much fun and great days :-) and a better wheather which I have (10 Grad Celsius and windy rain). In a half hour I´ve got a “Kneipp” application (mixture with cold and warm water) at my rehabilitation in North Germany.
    Please say greetings to my brother T.O.

  2. October 25th, 2009 | 8:21

    […] unglaublich. Noch dazu mit 7 Kameraden mit denen man gut Feiern und Spaß haben konnte. Rene hat in seinem Blog auch ein paar Zeilen geschrieben. Genannt wurden wir die “7 Dwarves in India” und nachdem Tobias zum Dalai Lama aufbrach […]