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Incredible India: Weekend Walk through Bangalore

For any walk through India, it’s never wrong to carry a camera. Take it for granted that there is always something rewarding for first the eye, then for the lens – and hence for eternity.

Here just around the corner, I ran into two guys with two big bamboos (the visible ones ;-) who are preying through town to shake some ripe mangos down whose time has come.

Mango Pluckers hunting through Bangalore

A little later, four guys from the public telephone operator BSNL at a switchboard on Brigade Road doing some wiring, installing and checking. Please note the in India commonly prevalent high “labour intensity” for any task …

Fixing telephone Lines

Then a snapshop for the foodies, went to a restaurant to have my beloved Dal Fry for luch, where this lady is responsible for making the chapatis. No doubt that she possesses the physical strength to do quite a bit of them.

Chapattis in the Making

Last but not least, two boys in the street, one pushing the other.

Mobility for the Young

Wonder what they will become when they grow up. Extrapolating this scene into the future: The one pushing in the back a pilot, and the one sitting in front a Maharadsha :-)



  1. Anu
    April 26th, 2010 | 4:54

    Nice post! “Labour intensity” happens here (North America) too. Would you belive it in a classic case of “How many men are required to change a light bulb?” scenario – they were replacing broken street lights – you had one guy driving the truck, one guy to operate the ladder and finally the actual technician changing the bulbs. You also had street cops – one in the car and one on the street keeping an eye on the traffic!

  2. Ram
    April 29th, 2010 | 5:44

    Captured well… but slightly confused on the first photo… The first photo that you took – they actually look like corporation employees who go around clearing clogged drains using the bamboo poles ( they are more flexible in clearing the drains).. are you sure they were out to pluck mangoes.. the owners of the mango trees will not like that at all!! :-)

  3. April 29th, 2010 | 5:53

    @Ram: Quite sure, as they had two sorts of large knives with them to cut off what they could get ahold of …