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India: Advertisement around Arranged Marriages

Came across this advertisement from Platinum, a company which in line with its name sells Platinum-jewellery in India. Here, where more than 80 % of all marriages are arranged, Platinum found a remarkable twist how to set this subject into a photo story. A sort of “photo love story” where marriage comes first and loves follows suit. (Click to enlarge the pics for better legibility of the text)


Platinum Advertisement in India

Platinum Advertisement in India

Platinum Advertisement in India

Platinum Advertisement in India

Happy-Happy-End. And now, in order to bring you from here to there: would you please buy the rings …



  1. December 23rd, 2010 | 11:25

    Rene- when I lived in Bombay 1970-75 I was fascinated with the marriage arrangement page in Times of India. It became a daily read and I cut out clippings, which may be stored some place in a cardboard box. Things like “one leg shorter than the other but can still run” remain with me. Dear friends Vish and Manju had an in-between marriage in T.N. ten years back. They had known each other in university and consider theirs a love marriage; however, they consulted their parents and despite strong objections because of caste differences, still proceeded. Though highly educated their very successful marriage is traditional in many ways. Times are slowly changing… very slowly. The old, tried-and-true way works well… and serves as a model we in America would do well to emulate, if only we could.